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Cupcakes & Couscous: Banana, Macadamia & Yoghurt Loaf

By Teresa Ulyate


Cape Town, WC, ZA

 Cape Town, WC

Recipe Level


1 large loaf


About Recipe

The macadamia theme continues this week! If you scroll down a little you'll see that my last recipe was inspired by this creamy, crispy nut, and this week is no different. Now, where did I leave that G clamp? I haven't made a banana loaf in a long time, which is ironic because these days there is almost always a bunch of bananas in my fruit basket. They are a favourite of my daughters and something I know she will always eat ... so I like to have them around as back-up for those teething days when she refuses all other food. Needless to say the bananas are not usually around long enough to become overripe! But if you happen to find yourself in this situation then this recipe is a great way to use them up.


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