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Baked Apples with Pecans and Maple Syrup

By Monet


Colorado Springs, CO, US

 Colorado Springs, CO

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Lulu woke up earlier than normal. Six AM. Not particularly painful…unless you’ve been at a birth the night before. Why oh why does she only wake up at six AM when all of us are exhausted? But that’s one lesson you learn when you’re raising a toddler…reasonable behavior is few and far between. But what we lack in reasonability, we gain in joy and laughter. Her early morning wake up was peppered with calls for ma and milk, vibrating toddler lips, and laughter. Quite possibly the best noises I could wake up to.


baking apples

butter, cold and cut into small pieces

chopped pecans


crushed shortbread cookies

maple syrup

orange juice or apple cider


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